I. Democracy, Justice, and Human Rights

II. Security

III. Improving Living Conditions

IV. A Clean and Effective Government

V. National Interests and the Future of
Our Country

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The 100 Measures of the Sam Rainsy Party were approved
by the 3rd Ordinary Congress of the Sam Rainsy Party
on 28th - 29th of March, 2003.
I. Democracy, Justice, and Human Rights

A. For Democracy
B. For Justice
C. For Freedoms and Human Rights in General
D. For Monk Rights
E. For Woman Rights

A. For Democracy

1. Adhering to the principle of : “Citizens have the right to do whatever is
not prohibited”, in lieu of “citizens have the right to do only whatever
is allowed”.

2. Moving from an elective democracy, in which there are only periodic
elections, to a participative democracy, where citizens continually
participate in a decision making process affecting their daily life.

3. Promoting referendum as a direct means for citizens to decide on major
national issues.

4. Speeding up the decentralization process to uphold democracy and
raise living standard at the grass roots level. Roles, authorities, and
responsibilities for the administration at provincial, district, commune,
and village levels are to be specified in accordance with the concept of
decentralization that requires elections at all levels.

5. Holding the National Congress with the King's consent to comply with
Chapter 12 of the Constitution. It is a “forum for the people to learn
directly about issues of national interest, and to raise problems, and to
make suggestions to the authority”.

6. Outlawing any coercion into membership of any organization,
including political parties.

7. Ensuring the respect of freedoms and rights of opinion, expression,
meeting, demonstration, association, etc, as enshrined in the
Constitution, while awaiting the adoption of corresponding laws or
regulations. The bill governing incorporation and administration of an
association is to be enacted as soon as possible.

8. Reviewing the composition of the National Election Committee to
ensure transparency and impartiality in any election.

9. Preventing the government from being involved in organizations that
are more effectively managed by representatives from civil society. For
instance, human rights commission, anti-corruption commission, etc…

10.Carrying out a civics and democracy education program at school that
covers the rights and duties of all citizens for an effective participation
in good governance and social development.

11.Enforcing an explicit rule that Members of Parliament and Senators
cannot be expelled for political reasons. Independent candidates may
run for parliamentary seats without having to be affiliated with any
political party.

12.Limiting a person’s mandate for the Office of Prime Minister to a
maximum of two terms, or ten years under any circumstances.

13.Reviewing the performance of holders of all high-ranking or sensitive
positions in the public administration every five years at most, in view
of rotating their duties and responsibilities.

14.Granting Khmer citizens living overseas the right to vote, like their
counterparts at home, by providing voting facilities abroad where there
are large Cambodian communities.