Our Platform
I. Democracy, Justice, and Human Rights

II. Security

III. Improving Living Conditions

IV. A Clean and Effective Government

V. National Interests and the Future of
Our Country

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The 100 Measures of the Sam Rainsy Party were approved
by the 3rd Ordinary Congress of the Sam Rainsy Party
on 28th - 29th of March, 2003.
IV. A Clean and Effective Government

A. To Fight Corruption
B. For Social Justice
C. For Good Governance and Moral Society

A. To Fight Corruption

69. Adopting an anti-corruption law and establishing a national counter
corruption commission.

70. Imposing a declaration of assets and their sources by all high-ranking
government officials upon taking up and leaving a position.

71. Reviewing the composition of the National Audit Authority to make it
independent and effective in uncovering corrupt practices.

72. Pursuing to recover and return to the Khmer people all stolen State
funds transferred overseas by corrupt government officials. Along with
other countries determined to fight corruption, Cambodia will take part
in the adoption of an international banking legislation designed to trace
and crackdown on fund transfers associated with illicit or criminal

73. Establishing a land inventory and maintaining a land registry to
identify State lands that are vacant, or illegally under control of private
individuals as a result of corrupt practices. This land registry managed
by a modern Land Titling Office, will serve as a base for a land reform
that will boost economic growth (by increasing farmersí revenues and
internal demand) and promote social justice at the same time.

74. Imposing a one-year moratorium on land transactions involving State
assets, pending investigation and proper evaluation.