Our Platform
I. Democracy, Justice, and Human Rights

II. Security

III. Improving Living Conditions

IV. A Clean and Effective Government

V. National Interests and the Future of
Our Country

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The 100 Measures of the Sam Rainsy Party were approved
by the 3rd Ordinary Congress of the Sam Rainsy Party
on 28th - 29th of March, 2003.
III. Improving Living Conditions

A. For the General Population
B. For Farmers
C. For Fishermen
D. For Public Servants, Teachers, Policemen, Soldiers, and all State

E. For Factory Workers and Company Employees
F. For Rubber Plantation Workers and Family-Run Small Scale
Rubber Plantation owners

G. For Small Traders/Vendors
H. For Motodops and Taxi Drivers
I. For War Veterans
J. For Pupils and Students

B. For Farmers

49. Issuing land titles, free of charge, to all farmers who have no
documents in order to certify their ownership of the land they are living
on. This measure will protect land that poor farmers have been using
for their livelihood from any abusive seizure.

50. Constructing, reinforcing, and repairing irrigation and water-control
systems to provide sufficient water for dry and wet season farming.

51. Promoting agricultural produce by farmers (rice, corn, soybean,
sesame, tobacco, sugar cane, palm sugar, rubber latex, etc) in local and
overseas markets for fair prices to improve their livelihood. The
following initiatives will be taken :

.  Securing full market freedom for buyers and sellers.
.  Eliminating any monopoly, or any practice that artificially
   depresses prices for farm produce.
.  Reducing the influence of middlemen.
.  Improving road and transport system.
.  Modernizing the stock management and distribution
   system for farm produce to protect farmersí income.
. Providing farmers with up-to-date information about local
  and overseas markets.

52. Protecting farmers who are defaulting their loans with lending
institutions due to unforeseeable circumstances, including flood,
drought, illness, or accident. The authority is to approach the lending
institution, to help farmers negotiate a rescheduling of, or a reduction
in their debt in order to avoid any seizure of land used as collateral for
the debt.