Our Platform
I. Democracy, Justice, and Human Rights

II. Security

III. Improving Living Conditions

IV. A Clean and Effective Government

V. National Interests and the Future of
Our Country

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The 100 Measures of the Sam Rainsy Party were approved
by the 3rd Ordinary Congress of the Sam Rainsy Party
on 28th - 29th of March, 2003.
I. Democracy, Justice, and Human Rights

A. For Democracy
B. For Justice
C. For Freedoms and Human Rights in General
D. For Monk Rights
E. For Woman Rights

E. For Woman Rights

21. Implementing an affirmative action to provide equal opportunity for
all. Girls are encouraged, just like boys, to attend and remain at school,
through measures to help children and their parents. Young girls will
receive incentives to take part in professional training programs in
order to secure a decent employment.

22. Granting special business loans, either from State funds or through
non-government credit organizations, to female entrepreneurs.

23. Granting special government incentives to private enterprises and other
entities for employing women.

24. Providing government support, free of charge, to all women in poverty
who undertake family planning.