Free Healthcare for all!
       More job for our Youth!
            Reduce the cost of living!
The only thing in the way is corruption!
Feb 16, 2008, Saturday afternoon, Mr. Sam Rainsy and Mr. Khy Vandedth visited Cambodian vendors in Cabramatta, 35 km from Sydney.

Feb 16, 2008, Saturday evening, Mr. Sam Rainsy and Mr. Khy Vandedth attended party reception at Monte Carlo Restaurant at Fairfield, 35 km from Sydney. The function was participated by nearly 300 members and supporters of SRP in Sydney.

At 6 PM, Feb 15, Mr Sam Rainsy and Mr Khy Vandeth went to visit a group of Khmer farmers and supporters  at Wetherill Park, estern sydney suburb, about 60 km from city of sydney. Barbeque party was organised in the honor of Party Leader.  During the BBQ, supporters have the opportunity to exchange their views and information. The PL was very impress with the high standard of living of Australian farmers. PL updated the support at the BBQ on the latest situation in Cambodia.
More details on the LP visit
Photo from Melbourne
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