Free Healthcare for all!
       More job for our Youth!
            Reduce the cost of living!
The only thing in the way is corruption!

This will be Party Leader Sam Rainsy last visit to Australia and other part of the globe before the 2008 election.  PL visit already send a strong signal to SRP supporters around the globe that the party is serious and ready for the election and the party is concern for the well being of the Cambodian people.  Some of the key policies like:

Free healthcare for all Cambodian

Create job for our youth

Reduce the cost of living

These policies have been well received by SRP supporters and it is the key differences between the major party.

After a very successful trip to Sydney and Canberra, Today the Party leader Sam Rainsy has arrived in Melbourne.  He will be greet and meet with the Melbournian through ABC radio.  This is a good opportunity for everyone to meet with Party Leader through radio call back and ask any questions or give any enabling feedback to the SRP party. 

If you wish to ask Party leader please call to radio SBS from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm on 0399931550 or over caller 61399931550.

More details on the LP visit

Photo from Sydney...