Sam Rainsy - Justice and Equality!
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By Vireak In

President Sam Rainsy is full of joy and hope when he visited party supporters in Australia.  This was just before the 2008 election, in a small gathering he pointed to everyone in the room, “if we win the election, we will need all of you”.  The election has come and gone, what about the joy and hope?

Despite all of these, there were 1, 316, 714 voters put their trust on Sam Rainsy party compare to 3, 492, 374 voters for the CPP, which equate to 21.91% of the total voters.

1, 316, 714 Cambodian people fight against all odd so their voices can be heard, they want to tell the government that they want a better standard of living, they hate corruption and they want a free health care.

As long as 1, 316, 714 or more Cambodian people behind Sam Rainsy party, there is still joy and hope!  To ensure we have real hope, not a fault hope.  Sam Rainsy party needs to do more, Sam Rainsy party needs share the load.

There have been suggestions for all Sam Rainsy MP to take up the role as shadow minister, where senior MP take up more then one ministerial roles.  As part of the of the Key performance indicator (KIP), each PM at least have one meeting per month with minister of their portfolio.

This will not only give MP the opportunity to have hand on experience, but it also allow MP to work closely with the current government, engage in a constructive way. The suggestion comes as more Sam Rainsy supporters worry about the faith of their party.   Many see the suggestion as a step toward the right the direction, the next election is not too far a way and it is time for Sam Rainsy party to come together and look at ways to stimulate the party.

Sam Rainsy is the architecture and founder of Sam Rainsy party, he lead the party through many elections.  No doubt, Sam Rainsy is the second largest party in the country. Sam Rainsy used to enjoy financial support from within the country and abroad.  But 13 years in opposition is a long time, some even start to predict the next election will be the last for Sam Rainsy, if there is no dramatic change in the current structure.

One supporter, only want to name as Kim said “Sam Rainsy party needs to look beyond opposition and start to believe that it can lead the country, once it has that mindset everything else will fall in places.  With one Sam Rainsy, the party receieve 1, 316, 714 votes.  Imagine 25 Sam Rainsy”.  Kim was referring to 25 MP of the Sam Rainsy party.  Maybe as Kim suggested, it is time for Sam Rainsy start to groom it MP!

Those who close to the president, know he has fought hard, may be too hard.  The picture on the right hand side probably say a lot about how Sam Rainsy has lead the party through last year election.  He pulls the load while his team parades a long. 

In hindsight, we know that not the only factor.  There were fraud and irregularities in the voting system and there were the 2008 Cambodian-Thai stand-off over the Preah Vihear Temple which were widely seen as a successful attempt of the ruling CPP to gain more support.

And there were media restriction, Sam Rainsy party and other minor parties have no access to media to explain their party policy.
President Sam Rainsy