Our Platform
I. Democracy, Justice, and Human Rights

II. Security

III. Improving Living Conditions

IV. A Clean and Effective Government

V. National Interests and the Future of
Our Country

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The 100 Measures of the Sam Rainsy Party were approved
by the 3rd Ordinary Congress of the Sam Rainsy Party
on 28th - 29th of March, 2003.
II. Security

A. For Physical Security

25. Curbing all forms of violence in society. Security and genuine peace
for all citizens are primarily based on a preventive approach that
addresses endemic social problems, such as poverty, unemployment,
and hopelessness. Repression and punishment measures are only means
of the last resort.

26. Combating organized crime (Mafia, Triads) involved in illegal
trafficking of humans, weapons, and drugs. This requires a closer
cooperation with, and assistance of, international anti-crime agencies,
like the FBI, the DEA, and the Interpol.

27. Enforcing an effective weapons control. Only select members of the
police and the army are allowed, under strict control, to carry arms for
legal and clearly defined purposes.

28. Eliminating acts of banditry, piracy, and all forms of money extortion
along roads, rivers, and coasts.

29. Preventing traffic accidents by improving road conditions, enforcing
traffic rules and regulations pertaining to uses of motor vehicles,
issuing of driver licenses, and by educating the public about road

30. Providing emergency services to those who are victims of traffic
accidents, fires, and other disasters. There will be appropriate
ambulances, fire engines, manned by trained first-aid personnel, and
equipped with modern facilities.

B. For Food Security

31. Holding stocks of foods and other necessities to ensure food security
during any emergency or crisis. The role and influence of middlemen
will be reduced to prevent commercial profiteering during such a time.

32. Ensuring that the Cambodian Red Cross and other emergency
authorities distribute foods and other relief materials to all victims
without political or any sort of discrimination.

C. For Consumer Safety

33. Imposing strict and regular control for product safety in order to
prevent food poisoning, to ensure product quality, and to enforce the
products use-by-date.

34. Encouraging the establishment of an independent consumer association
equipped with modern facilities (laboratories, testing devices) and
staffed with competent experts to protect consumer rights, and to
ensure truthfulness in advertising.